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Newday 2014 Meetup


Calling all campers! Its less than a week until the highly anticipated yearly event and it would be lovely to see some old faces and new from behind the screen so we’re having another meetup!

The lovely Ellen (girlwithapocketwatch) and I have been putting our heads together and sorted out the details for you:

Location: Cafe Froth

Date: Wednesday 30/07/14

Time: 4:15pm

Objects of the Eleventh Era

"There’s something you better understand about me ‘cause it’s important and one day your life may depend on it. I am definitely a mad man with a box."


doctor who meme

⇉ three quotes (3/3):

This was exactly you. All this. All of it. You make them so afraid. When you began, all those years ago, sailing off to see the universe, did you ever think you’d become this? The man who can turn an army around at the mention of his name. Doctor. The word for healer and wise man throughout the universe. We get that word from you, you know. But if you carry on the way you are, what might that word come to mean? To the people of the Gamma Forests, the word Doctor means mighty warrior. How far you’ve come. And now they’ve taken a child, the child of your best friends, and they’re going to turn her into a weapon just to bring you down. And all this, my love, in fear of you.

just one more step.

Knightley + Emma: Hands


Karen Gillan @ the Guardians of the Galaxy World Premiere in LA (July 21, 2014)

Returned home from France to discover we have no wifi.

Goodbye, I am moving into Starbucks.

07-22 - 16:00


The Time Of The Doctor + faceless